Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Mark Joób PhD was born 1974 in Hungary, moved to Sweden in 1979 and lives in Switzerland since 1985. He is married and has two children. Because of a muscular dystrophy he uses a wheelchair.

  • 2000: Studies in Philosophy, German language and literature and Economics at the University of Zurich
  • 2003 – 2006: research grant at the Institute for Philosophy of Law and Sociology of Law at the University of Graz as a participant in the EU international research network "Applied Global Justice"
  • 2008: PhD from the University of Zurich in the field of Political Philosophy for the doctoral thesis: "Global Justice in the Mirror of Contemporary Theories of Political Philosophy"
  • since 2009: lecturer at the West Hungarian University, Faculty of Economics, teaching Philosophy, Business Ethics, Economic Psychology and Economic Sociology
  • since 2009: member of the board of editors of the Hungarian Journal of Economy & Society
  • since 2010: post-doctoral research grant for the research project "Freedom and responsibility in the economy" at the Centre for Ethics, University of Zurich and at the Institute for Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen
  • since 2011: member of the managing committee of the Swiss Association for Monetary Modernization
  • since 2012: Honorary Professor at the West Hungarian University, Faculty of Economics
  • 2014: co-author of the Swiss Sovereign Money Initiative (Vollgeld-Initiative) that aims at reforming the monetary system by a national plebiscite; in 2015 the initiative was successfully realized
  • 2015: Habilitation (post-doctoral academic degree) at the West Hungarian University, Faculty of Economics



Prof. Dr. Mark Joób