Liability and Economic Regulation

Should our economy become more just and crisis-resistant, responsibility and liability must be brought better into harmony. A fundamental reform of the companies law and an effective global regulation is necessary., October 18, 2010


Justice, Legitimacy and Supranational Institution-Building

This article presents a normative theory of politics based on fundamental ethical-anthropological values that are united in the notion of justice. First, I will discuss a normative concept of private and public interests providing criteria for the distinction between morally legitimate and morally illegitimate interests involved in the process of political decision-making. Second, I will outline the consequences of this concept for supranational institution-building in the framework of globalization. This way I will elaborate the central point of my theory: the differentiation between democratic and moral legitimacy. I will address topics such as national autonomy and human rights, communitarianism and universalism, as well as economy and global government and I will relate these subjects to my concept of interests in order to provide a solution for the problems to which they refer.

European Journal of Law Reform, 2006, Vol. VI, No. 3/4, pp. 411-425.




Prof. Dr. Mark Joób