The Importance of the Monetary System Regarding Sustainability

Why is the present monetary theory mistaken? How is money created in reality?

The article contains a summary of the problems of the current money and banking system in 10 points and a sketch of a sustainable money and banking system which would assign the task of money creation to the state and transform commercial banks into actual financial intermediaries.

E-CONOM, 2015, Vol. IV, No. 2, pp. 2-11.


Sovereign Money will strengthen Democracy and Private Property

The joke is that electronic money is not legal tender. The law has been  left behind by technology and up to now the politicians have omitted to  extend the government’€s monopoly of money to electronic money., June 18, 2014


The Sovereign Money Initiative in Switzerland

The Swiss Association for Monetary Modernization wants to solve the most severe malfunctions of the present money system by a fundamental reform. The association officially launched the Sovereign Money Initiative.

World Economics Association Newsletter 4(3), June 2014, pp. 6-7.


10 Good Reasons for Monetary Reform

How is the present monetary system affecting the economy and society, and why is it failing? I will summarize the problematic aspects of our current monetary system in ten points. Each of these points constitutes a good reason for monetary reform., July 31, 2013


Real Money instead of Empty Promises

Banks should finally provide what we expect from them: the protection of our money., June 4, 2013


Democratic Accountability of Business and Monetary Reform

Especially important is a thorough reform of the monetary system, since it dominates finance and the whole economy. We need a new monetary architecture that restores democratic control over the money supply and makes the monetary system better serve the common good.

In: B. Preiß and C. Brunner (eds.): Democracy in Crisis. The Dynamics of Civil Protest and Civil Resistance. Zürich - Berlin: LIT-Verlag, 2013, pp. 35-55.



Money Reform

Prof. Dr. Mark Joób